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‘All Stars Cricket’ at Twickenham Cricket

2018 All Stars Cricket at Twickenham CC

Sally Orton has sent out initial details to our existing members regarding renewing membership for those wishing to continue with All Stars cricket at Twickenham CC. The deadline to renew is 31st March 2018.

Place availability

School YearCricket Age GroupAvailability
Year 1*All Stars Cricket (U6s)Places Available
Year 2All Stars Cricket (U7s)Places Available
Year 3All Stars Cricket (U8s)Waiting List Only

*If we have space in our Year 1 group we will consider new applications for Reception children who have turned 5

If you wish to join or to be added to a waiting list please contact Sally Orton via

What is ‘All Stars Cricket’?

‘All Stars Cricket’ is the name given by the ECB for their (brand new) structured cricket programme specifically aimed at children between the ages of 5 and 8. Whilst it includes development of 9 out of the 10 key fundamental movement skills, the emphasis is on fun – the ECB’s stated aim is to get as many children as possible interested in and enjoying cricket both now and into the future.

Every newly signed up child will be sent (directly by the ECB) an ‘All Stars’ branded kit – which includes a back pack, bat, ball, cap, water bottle and (personalised!) top (note: the bats are available in different sizes, and you may notice that they are slightly wider than normal bats – which gives an insight into the thinking that’s gone into the programme). The children will also be awarded badges as the sessions progress to reward them for their respective achievements.

In addition, the ECB will provide dedicated training to all of our lead coaches and also provide ongoing support.

Take a look at this video to learn a little more about ‘All Stars Cricket’.

When & where will it take place?

Sessions will run on Sundays mornings on Twickenham Green from 29 April - 22nd July. I confirm that parents are required to remain on site for the duration of the session.

How do I Register?

Whilst Twickenham Cricket Club is a ‘host club’ you will sign up via an ECB hosted (but Twickenham CC branded) site. Please do note that only children in Years 1, 2 and 3 will be able to sign up to All Stars Cricket (note: if we have space in our Year 1 group we will consider new applications for Reception children who have turned 5, as long as parents are happy that the majority of children they are playing with will be in Year 1).

How much will it cost?

The cost will be £95 per child, with a sibling discount of £15 (i.e. £80 per sibling).

For those of you that have older children with us (Year 4 and above), the annual the annual subscription cost will be £80, again with a sibling discount of £15 (i.e. £65 per sibling). With regard to the sibling discount, the first / oldest child in the family would pay the full subscription rate appropriate for their age group, and younger siblings will receive £15 off the subscription rate appropriate to their age group. The examples below should clarify how this will work in practice:

Example 1:
Child 1 - U11s Colt - pays £80
Child 2 - All Stars - pays £80 (£15 off full All Stars subscription).

Example 2:
Child 1 - U12s Colt - pays £80
Child 2 - U10s Colt - pays £65 (£15 off full Colts subscription)
Child 3 - All Stars - pays £80 (£15 off full All Stars subscription)

Example 3:
Child 1 - All Stars pays £95
Child 2 - All Stars pays £80 (£15 off All Stars subscription)

What else do I need to know?

We are completely reliant on volunteer helpers to run these sessions effectively – whether they be from within the club or from the parent community. If you are interested in helping in any way - whether that be as one of our ‘activators’ who will benefit from the free training sessions (and kit!) from the ECB, or whether you’re happy to assist our lead activators, or being one of our registered first aiders – or if you’re happy to help, but just not sure of the best way, please just let us know (note: do not worry if you don’t have a cricket background or can’t commit to being available every week – we need to build a team to ensure we have sufficient cover for all roles / sessions).

Training times

  • Day: Sunday, 10:30
  • Venue: Twickenham Green (29th April to 22nd July 2018)


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