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Pre-season friendlies loom large on the horizon

Pre-season friendlies loom large on the horizon

Dan Hough24 Mar - 16:29
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Annual 'Ice Match' at Acton pencilled in for 20 April 2024

We've got some exciting fixtures to look forward to. I can't wait to get started
- Carlos Nunes

Winter nets are coming to an end, and slowly but surely minds are turning to the 2024 outdoor season.

For the TCC seniors the league campaign begins on Saturday 11 May, but there's plenty of cricket to be played before then. Indeed, all of the TCC seniors will have a chance to get into the swing of things in an array of pre-season friendlies.

Annual 'Ice Match' Incoming
The 1sts and 2nds begin their seasons with games against Acton. The 1s travel, the 2s will host on Twickenham Green and those matches take place on Saturday 20 April,

There have been times in the past when the weather has been Arctic-like for this game, fingers crossed that that's not the case in 2024.

Horsham and Hamptonians on the radar
The ones are also on the road the week after. On 27 April they travel to Horsham CC. This is the second year running that Carlos Nunes's side have made the trip to Sussex and they'll be keen to put in a similar performance to 2023. They won impressively 12 months ago.

Three of the TCC sides are in action on 5 May. All of them play near-neighbours Old Hamptonians. The twos are on the Green, the ones and the three make the short trip to Hampton School.

Should there be demand, there may well be other pre-season games for the seniors. But for that to be the case we'll need to get a good handle on availability. So, please do add that in to the pitchero app so that the powers be know much cricket they'll need to provide in the run up to the big kick off on 11 May.

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