Terms and Conditions

Use of cricket nets during the COVID-19 outbreak

Updated 8 June 2020

From the 8th of June 2020 the Cricket nets at Twickenham CC can be used. Using the guidance from the Government and ECB training / coaching sessions are possible and there are a number of actions that need to be adhered to keep the use of the nets safe.

Before attending please ensure that:

• Check for symptoms of COVID-19. In line with current Government guidance, if you are symptomatic, living in a household with a possible COVID-19 infection or if you are classified as extremely vulnerable on health grounds, you should remain at home and follow Government guidance
• All sessions must be booked in advance. You MUST NOT use the nets without a booking. Doing so risks the closure of the nets
• Hands should be washed thoroughly before leaving home and on return. We suggest bringing hand sanitiser / wipes to use before and after your session
• Avoid public transport if at all possible
• Sessions will start on the hour and finish promptly 10 minutes before the next session starts. Please aim to arrive as close to your start time as possible and leave promptly after your session is complete
• If you do arrive early and the nets are in use, please find an open space on Twickenham Green as a place to wait until the net is ready for your booked session
• The nominated coach in charge of the session is the person responsible for setting up the mobile net and is the only person that may touch the equipment. They are also responsible for wiping down the nets ready for the following session.

During the session players must:

• follow the Government’s social distancing guidelines i.e. only 6 people are to use a net. Players must remain 2 metres apart. Players must bring their own protective equipment. Do not share equipment
• When batting, players should knock the ball back with their bat, rather than picking it up, even if the player has gloves on. During batting coaching we will use the club’s cricket balls. To practice bowling players should bring along their own balls and have them marked or named
• Kit bags are to be stored 2 metres apart and are not to be touched by anyone other than the owner
• For juniors a parent or member of the player’s household must remain at the Green and be available in case first aid needs to be administered. Coaches will have First Aid kits. (A first aider must be present)
• No toilet facilities will be available, so make sure you go before you arrive!